Saturday, May 07, 2005

she spies

I told the police about a crack house... my landlord said I shouldn't have because it makes me a mark.. and maybe I shouldn't tell you here... maybe evil crack dealers are searching online and will hunt me down. Really I don't care that people do drugs at all, what I care about is that people need money for drugs and either:

1) harass me on the street for money
2) break into our cars for things to sell (our drummers brother's truck was broken into four times this year...that sucks)
3) after the people buy the drugs they smoke the crack almost immediately and then wander around in our alley and down the street in front of our house. They are very disoriented and frankly scary. I'd prefer it if they would take it to another location than directly in front of or behind my home.

SO... I told the cops, because I don't want to be a friggin' drug statistic when I don't even use.

Sigh. The cops were very nice and thanked me profusely. They said I was very helpful. So good samaritan me. Now let's hope no one comes and kicks my ass.


keeper250 said...

Way to go James..LOL Bond that is! Dallas Brave Citizen of the Month

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