Thursday, May 26, 2005

Facing your own irrelevance

As I sit here, listening, watching the first band, and waiting for my time slot I gaze about the room... The geeky sweet singer has a draw,
her father watching adoringly... They refer to muppets and bunnies, no
'cool kids' of yore, these are geek kids, this is geek rock, adequately
done, but not much to blog home about.Yet I gaze about the room bemused. The flyers, emails, myspace invites, etc. Seem to have fallen on wearied eyes. Even my 'BFF' would rather watch the tube than hang here with me... So I look around, and realize
that Barry is with Scott, Tina and her friend came for Greg, Doug's
friends from Tres Hombres are coming to hang with him... And me, your
illustuous lead singer, in her sparkly silver shrug, blogs alone.

I am irrelevant... Now how pathetic is that? The worst thing is that no one will comment, although I don't much care. I only really care that
I'd have someone to hang with.

Ah well, it's my turn to rock.
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Tuesday, May 24, 2005

black cloud girl

I saw the crack head girl from down the street a few weeks ago, well... I heard her first.

I heard this clomp, clomp, clomping. Almost like a horse, then with head down and fury behind her came the crack head girl from down the street.

I was kind of staring at her, I'll admit it, but she was making a racket, and her arms were wrapped so tightly around her body, yet she was pounding her feet into the sidewalk. I'd seen her the Saturday before when she'd jumped in front of us on LG, hands scratching at her acned scarred face, tearing at the wounds, demanding a couple of dollars "just for a beer". We didn't have anything, and were running late from a wedding reception to a gig. Even if I'd had something, I knew it wasn't going to beer but crack, that poor girl has a bad habit that everyone in the neighborhood knows about.

We'd had a horrible thunderstorm this day and the sun was just coming out, but the sky was still full of angry black clouds, moving as furiously as she. She came up even with my car and caught my eye but didn't stop... "PISS OFF" she shouted, then "Do you have any money?" "No," I replied, "but nice shoes."

She kept stomping and mumbling all the way down the street, those skinny arms wrapped so tightly around her waist, her legs driving into the pavement like pistons.

Nice shoes you ask? She was wearing the shoes from Wild Pair that I had loved for 10 years and had FINALLY cleared out of my closet. Doug had set them out back hoping someone had picked them up. She did... on the way to the crack house.

I saw her again this Saturday and she almost smiled on the way to the drug house, but not after...When she walked past after she was clutching her precious drugs, her hand held in front of her, a claw around her treat.

Thursday, May 19, 2005

dear rose

i went to smell my roses today and the baby grasshoppers had eaten all but one... they left me ONE small rose with a hole in it to enjoy, photograph, and smell... they happily munched and destroyed the rest...

life is so fragile that two itty bitty tiny little grasshoppers can eat two giant bushes and then look me in the eye and dare me not to pick the last rose.


there is so much there...

cool stuff

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

thin spread i am <--- this is the cutest

blogging consensus?
i suck :(
but then, no one replies, so i get bored and move on...
i need an audient. you heard me, with a T.

;) nette

Monday, May 16, 2005

why are vacuum infomercials so fascinating?

is it that someone has dedicated their lives to sucking, or not sucking, or sucking well...

making a mess of it.. those DUST CLOUDS are awful...
those fine particles that remain suspended in the air for hours horrify me.

I wonder if we have EVER changed the filter in our vacuum (which resides at the practice space and sucks up flea powder and fleas)


this is horrible!

thank god we have wooden floors at home... so easy to sweep a big mess under whatever ;)

tee hee hee

happy early monday i am going to bed!

Thursday, May 12, 2005

california here i come?

We had planned to go to LA for my birthday in June. Our budget is $600 since we sold my SG for that amount. Well...I really thought airfare to LA would be cheaper since they are always hawking the competition of AA vs Air Tran to LAX out of DFW... boasting 99$ (that's one way) but when you get to brass tacks it is closer to $300...sigh. No room for hotel or car.

This is so frustrating, it is the first step to my dream and we are looking to be stuck here.

Everyone please blow fairy kisses to the west coast for me, since it looks like the only way I will ever get to LA is if I wear my fairy wings...I think I will wear them when we play tomorrow, just for inspiration.


Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I have BORED lips

I have some weird allergy that is making my lips swell up like Lisa Rinna's.

A good friend suggested that Lisa Rinna has had all that collagen because she was bored.

Sigh... my lips MUST be bored to go through all of this swelling and puffing and pouting and itchy. Damn, I can practically imitate Constantine.

Now, if you know me you know I have pretty large lips to start with. These babies are getting HUGE and very uncomfortable. This is crazy... I need help.

ps. if you look below my neck you are an ass.

Sunday, May 08, 2005

don't forget your towel

We saw "Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy" today. It was good in some regards... great in others and just a tad bit irritating all the way around. The story itself is truly entertaining but really how do you take a huge 5 book story and condense it into a 1.5 hour movie? I guess I need to go back and re-read some of it because I don't remember such a perfect-pat ending.. it seemed so smashed together and damn if they never gave poor Doug (my hubby) a sufficient explanation on the towel. I promised I would look that up as well. (It made sense in the book)

He loved Marvin, and the mice were funny, the improbability button made perfect sense and we decided to get one installed in the van when we get the EASY button installed. Oh but really I just felt rushed more than anything.

AND.. Zaphod felt way too annoying, in the book he popped and was exciting and challenging, in the movie...grr, I wanted to punch him in the neck (tee).

So.. one thumb down and one thumb up (you know, to hitch a ride to the next galaxy man!)

Saturday, May 07, 2005

she spies

I told the police about a crack house... my landlord said I shouldn't have because it makes me a mark.. and maybe I shouldn't tell you here... maybe evil crack dealers are searching online and will hunt me down. Really I don't care that people do drugs at all, what I care about is that people need money for drugs and either:

1) harass me on the street for money
2) break into our cars for things to sell (our drummers brother's truck was broken into four times this year...that sucks)
3) after the people buy the drugs they smoke the crack almost immediately and then wander around in our alley and down the street in front of our house. They are very disoriented and frankly scary. I'd prefer it if they would take it to another location than directly in front of or behind my home.

SO... I told the cops, because I don't want to be a friggin' drug statistic when I don't even use.

Sigh. The cops were very nice and thanked me profusely. They said I was very helpful. So good samaritan me. Now let's hope no one comes and kicks my ass.

shopping or sleeping

so who else rushes home from a gig to buy a silver shrug from the UK on eBay but I? well.. it was our cover band tonight, it was the Rawly Punt show on ice (it was freezing in there) and after the private party cleared out it was pretty deadly...

so, now I am biding my time waiting for the eBay clock to gallantly click to the proper time for me to place my bid, collecting my own little sliver of silver as it were.


silly me.

welcome to my world.

netteradio is my radio show, where on Weds I promote the best in unsigned women artists.. but during the rest of the time I just may paint my opinions on these lovely pages, that is, if anyone dares to read :)