Saturday, May 07, 2005

shopping or sleeping

so who else rushes home from a gig to buy a silver shrug from the UK on eBay but I? well.. it was our cover band tonight, it was the Rawly Punt show on ice (it was freezing in there) and after the private party cleared out it was pretty deadly...

so, now I am biding my time waiting for the eBay clock to gallantly click to the proper time for me to place my bid, collecting my own little sliver of silver as it were.


silly me.

welcome to my world.

netteradio is my radio show, where on Weds I promote the best in unsigned women artists.. but during the rest of the time I just may paint my opinions on these lovely pages, that is, if anyone dares to read :)


nette said...

ah well, success :) I won at the last vicious moment, a $5.00 ebay coupon arrived today for PayPal users, so I am waiting until I get paid to pay for it! yay!

byrd said...

beautiful dress

keeper250 said...

Cute article (:),someone authored this so you couldn't have been sleeping--good job! Glitzy apparel to match the sparkling personality.