Thursday, May 26, 2005

Facing your own irrelevance

As I sit here, listening, watching the first band, and waiting for my time slot I gaze about the room... The geeky sweet singer has a draw,
her father watching adoringly... They refer to muppets and bunnies, no
'cool kids' of yore, these are geek kids, this is geek rock, adequately
done, but not much to blog home about.Yet I gaze about the room bemused. The flyers, emails, myspace invites, etc. Seem to have fallen on wearied eyes. Even my 'BFF' would rather watch the tube than hang here with me... So I look around, and realize
that Barry is with Scott, Tina and her friend came for Greg, Doug's
friends from Tres Hombres are coming to hang with him... And me, your
illustuous lead singer, in her sparkly silver shrug, blogs alone.

I am irrelevant... Now how pathetic is that? The worst thing is that no one will comment, although I don't much care. I only really care that
I'd have someone to hang with.

Ah well, it's my turn to rock.
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keeper250 said...

Girlie Poo you are so crazy ..hahaha!

whynospy said...

Silly... Everyone thinks you're busy IMing the world.

Besides, conversations are impossible with the Club Clearview's hearing-loss inducing treble.

leeloosb said...
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leeloosb said...

Your BFF is getting old and you can pretty much assume she will always pick the tube over a Thursday night at Clearview. And yes, you are correct, you are, the beautiful person you that is admired by most and loved by all, are completely irrelevant to the issue of whether people show up at a played-out club in the middle of the week.

A better question is how do I rate getting mentioned by name up in this b*tch? Everyone else...names. Me? I get BFF. WTF?

"As I was sitting in my chair,
I knew the bottom wasn't there,
Nor legs nor back, but I just sat,
Ignoring little things like that."

Chuck said...

We are all alone in this together. I hear ya-C

Uncle D said...

irrelevance is so underated.


Anonymous said...

Dear Nettesis,

I am dropping by to say hi. You should visit me on line. I visit you on my space but you don't update there anymore. So Hi.


Anonymous said...

i took a short cruise through the panama canal