Sunday, November 06, 2005

i need a good blogging

Boy it's been ages since I’ve blogged on here!

I ended up with 5 MySpace pages, promoting a benefit, housing a very dour and somewhat lazy Katrina victim, having a client rip me off for $923, and now I'm headed off to Seattle for the ROCKRGRL Music Conference...

so... What's on my mind...

VH1's latest Celebreality offering "But Can They Sing?"

I think it is being funded by the Gotti family. They kiss Carmine Gotti Agnello's Jr's perfectly toned buttocks with such abandon that it is embarrassing. He sang so poorly in the first episode that I was truly uncomfortable, and in the second eppy he couldn't rap. Even the "vocal coach" pointed out in the rehearsal tape that he had rhythm issues.

His efforts at Snoop Dogg were sub par, to be nice... but as soon as he finished tossing is skin tight black singlet (that's wife beater to the fashion uneducated) to the mass of screaming tweens a beaming Ahmet turned to the "celebrity judges" who were falling off their stools to tell him how FABULOUS an ON IT he was! Jackie tells him he's the "Whole Package" and he's "got it all!" Beaming with enthusiasm as the praise is lavished on young Gotti his chest rises with pride.

You know the ink on the check to VH1 has barely dried.

Crap.. I realize now there will be gangstas at my door...
I had previously dreamed of working for Mrs. Hottie Gotti.. I always liked the TV show. Hell, I'd even offer to give young Carmine vocal lessons for the right price. He is a cutie patootie and has everything except the vox. But I think you need some raw talent.. I don't know that this show is doing ANYONE any favors.


and don't even get me started on Bai Ling :(

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