Monday, August 22, 2005

drink better water? how about "give better customer service?"

a little back story: for the last year or so I have been drinking Endurance: Peach Mango Vitamin Water from Glaceau purchased at my local Whole Foods for $1.59 a bottle. Expensive, Yes. Tasty, Yes. It also makes my hair and nails grow, I have more energy, and when I have a migraine it is JUST the thing. In May the Endurance supply started running low. By June the supply had dwindled. We had checked all the local Whole Foods. I have sent emails to Glaceau. I have checked with Whole Foods several times. The end result is that Dr. Pepper is now the distributor for Vitamin Water and does not choose to order that flavor. I have written to Dr. Pepper requesting that falvor. I have written Glaceau twice. Their best advice?? Google the product and find "any store" that has it and order it from there.. so much for supply and demand.

Whole Foods will order Endurance as soon as it becomes available...

There is no customer service in the following email from Glaceau.. as far as I can see THEY should be selling ME their product, I should not be digging for it.


What follows is my response to their reply to my latest request.

Aug 22, 2005


The flavor was previously available, up until June 2005. Once Whole Food switched distributorships the flavor became unavailable.

When I do a search on your website there are two stores that show up. Both stores do not carry the flavor any longer because Dr Pepper handles the distributorship for this region.

Certainly the manufacturer can help me order the product it manufactures.

Who better to know where their product actually ships?

Supply/demand? The basis of all economics.

At any rate I am very dissapointed that the best you can do is suggest I Google to look for somewhere to buy your product.

Please try to assist me. Otherwise I shall have to turn to a different product.

Take care of your customer - without us you have no one to sell your product to.

Annette Conlon

--- wrote:

> hello Annette,
> thank you for taking the time to contact glacéau®.
> at this time not every flavor is available everywhere. we recommend
> that you inquire with your local retailer to see if they can order
> the flavors you are interested in. if they are unable to get the
> flavors you want from their distributor, we suggest using a search
> engine such as to see if you can locate an online retailer
> that will deliver the flavor you want direct to you.
> we are continually working to expand the variety of flavors available
> and hope to have more in your area soon.
> thank you again, and remember to drink better water!T
> sincerely,
> haley
> consumer relations representative
> glacéau
> 1-877-GLACEAU


Sent: 8/22/2005 1:36:41 PM
Subject: DP General Questions/Feedback

Type of Request: DP General Questions/Feedback
Salutation: Mrs.
First Name: Annette
Last Name: Conlon
Age Group: 35-49
Comments: Bring back my Endurance Mango Peach Flavored Vitamin Water!!!
Please make this flavor available for distribution to Whole Foods!!!
This is not only my favorite flavor but it helps with my migraines!!
It has been unavailable for months!! Please Please Please make it
available for distribution! Please bring it back! Thank You!!!!! Updates: N
Production Code:
Store Purchased:
Store Address:
Store City:
Store State:
Store Country:
Date Purchased:
Convert to Case: Y

--- wrote:

Thank you for contacting us about Endurance Mango. Your comments and
inquiries are appreciated because they provide valuable feedback
about our brands.

We are not the makers of that water.

We appreciate you contacting us and hope you will continue to enjoy
our brands.


Consumer Relations


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Sent: 8/29/2005 5:17:38 PM
Subject: DP General Questions/Feedback [Case: 1-46434843]

Dr Pepper is the DISTRIBUTOR for Endurance Mango Peach Vitamin Water by
Glaceau , at least according to Glaceau (the manufacturer) who
instructed me to write to Dr Pepper to request that Dr Pepper release
Distribution for the flavor Endurance Mango Peach Vitamin Water by
Glaceau so that my local Whole Foods zip code 75206 will be able to
order it.

Several of us who have enjoyed this product previously prior to Dr
Pepper taking over distribution have written in per Glaceau's
suggestion to request this flavor be released.

Thank you,
Annette Conlon

-----Original Message-----
Date: 30 Aug 2005 07:50:50 -0500
Subject: RE: DP General Questions/Feedback [Case: 1-46434843]

You may contact the local bottle for more information about the



SO.. I have left a message with Dr. Pepper, Extension 4 (Consumer Complaints) as there is no extension for "bring back my vitamin water".


lance said...

I wonder if they will have a replacement flavor with the same nutrients? The grape Formula 50 is my fave. They always have it at my local Shell gas station. I don't think they ever carried the Endurance flavor that I can remember. Checked again today.

nette said...

I have been drinking the Revive which is okay... I don't know which has the Ribose in it or what does the trick. Doug found a store in NY somewhere and ordered a case or Peach Mango. The bottom line is getting Dr. Pepper to release it. Whole Foods will order it if Dr. Pepper will sell it. It is so weird.. they say it is an unpopular flavor yet my Whole Foods says they get requests daily... They told me if I made enough of a stink maybe Dr Pepper would release it. Even Glaceau won't help.. They said pretty much the same thing, that it is unpopular. However, at the store everyone was looking for it.. so, I just don't know. Maybe it costs too much to manufacture??