Monday, March 28, 2011

General Hospital - Bringing Jake Back

Because I hate the idea of 3 year old Jake Webber dying on General Hospital I have worked my brain overtime into a plausible storyline that would 'Bring Jake Back'.
So ... here goes.
This rests on the premise that little ‘Jake’ was so mangled in the car accident that he was unidentifiable, his parents don't go in to say goodbye because they are too stricken, etc.
1) The black, no name, unidentified car that went through the intersection belongs to Franco (assuming Franco or a henchman have been stalking Elizabeth's with a fair haired child on hand just waiting for a moment when little Jake would be standing on the road or perhaps they went to take Jake and he made it convenient by standing on the road's edge - you know how Franco likes to twist things into being the other persons 'fault'
2) An identical, mangled tow-headed little boy is left at the scene (in the same clothes) and Jake is whisked away for whatever nefarious dealings Franco has planned or simply used to taunt Jason down the road. Franco is anything if nice (he tossed a guy off a building to die in his stead as a decoy.. so this is a very Franconian thing to do
3) Hysterical Elizabeth only sees a crumpled blond baby boy on the side of the road, calls 911 and goes in from there. Note: I don’t believe Elizabeth or Lucky see Jake at the hospital because of the condition he is in.
4) Joss’ kidney transplant leads to a CLUE in the coming weeks that Jake is alive. (Mention of a mismatched blood type or something and then Jason can go on the hunt).
We need to preserve the great dynamic that is POSSIBLE by keeping another generation of the Quartermaine legacy family alive.

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Joy said...

I think you are right. I believe Jake is alive and he won't be back until Guza milks it for all it's worth, including Luke getting sober (long overdue), Jason and Sam having a child, Franco caught and disposed of, etc...

I've been Googlng like mad to see who else has this theory. I hope we are right.